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  Youth Art Month

Dear MAEA members,

I know your students have been working hard on their YAM flag/banner designs. The time has come to submit them! Please fill out an entry form for you flag, and a permission/release form for EACH student that contributed to the flag. (You will need one entry form, but maybe more than one release forms depending on the number of contributing artists). Both documents are attached. Please email the jpegs to Jen Johannes at maeayam@gmail.com by Sunday January 10th by 5pm. The winner will be announced via email by Friday January 15th. The winner will then have to submit an artists' statement before having their artwork produced into the flag.

If you have specific questions, please email Jen Johannes at jjohannes@aacps.org .

Download the YAM 2016 Overview

Youth Art Month information is now available on the MAEA Website.
**Please save original artwork, winner will be asked to mail original to MAEA.

MAEA is proud to partner with Sargent Art again this year to award the 2016 YAM flag winner with a trip to New York city. More info...

The Maryland Art Education Association is honored to support the Youth Art Month (YAM) program annually. Below is a list of resources for the 2015-2016 YAM Program:

YAM Overview

Quickstart Guide

Museum Flag and Banner Display

Flag and Banner Resources

Release Form

50 Ideas for Celebrations

YAM Annual Planning Calendar

Ideas the Work


If you have any questions please contact yam@marylandarted.org  

Thank you to Sargent Art for sponsoring the 2016 YAM flag contest.